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What Is The Qsoft Managers Dashboard?

The Qsoft Managers Dashboard is a Real-Time Business Intelligence (BI) web solution for management level.

What is the application's goal?

Provide managers with a simple real-time intranet tool for controlling and monitoring the organizational data.

How does it work?

The application centralizes data from existing data sources in the organization such as production, marketing, inventory, finance etc. The data is being analyzed and converted into visualized insight.

The Qsoft Managers Dashboard Allows You To:

  • View/analyze critical data for decision making support.
  • Monitor and control processes in Real-Time.
  • Perform analysis with 'Compare to past' feature.
  • Drilldown interactive charts/reports.
  • Create custom oriented solution.
  • Manage users authentication and permissions.
  • Export to PDF/Excel/Word/RTF formats.
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