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Solutions Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System

Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) is a closed-loop feedback path in which the user and the supplier work together to collect, record, and analyze failures of both hardware and software data sets.

Corrective action (CAR) is greatest during design evolution. It becomes more limited and expensive to implement as a design becomes firm.
The resulting analysis identifies corrective actions that should be implemented and verified to prevent failures from recurring.

FRACAS promotes reliability improvement throughout the life cycle of the equipment. The method can be used during in-house (laboratory) tests, field (alpha or beta site) tests, and production/operations to determine where problems are concentrated within the design of the equipment.

has developed an outsourcing solution for FRACAS+.
The solution supports the following functions:

  • Network support- Support users simultaneously, work from any work station on the same application.
  • Log book and operating time report.
  • As build (ABAP LRU component tree with S/N and flight hours for LRT and for A/C).
  • History files and logs for each event.
  • MTBF calculation- The application uses advanced methods for inputting failure data according to ATA code.
    It also provides analysis and computations of MTBF, MMTBF, critical failures and reliability growth for various time spans.
  • User friendly query and report generator.
  • Automatic export/import data and reports to Ms-Word/Excel.
    Preparation of reports for management reviews, inclusive of cross-indexing, Paretto and Pie (Slices) charts.
  • FRB Review/Support.
  • Support maintenance according military STD 2155.
  • ISO 9001 and AS-9100 requirements support.
  • ATA 1100 code support.
  • Application generator- Development tools for self adaptation.
  • Decision-making Follow-up- Tasks follow-up and progress & implement action reports.