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Quality Systems and Software

Solutions Aircraft Maintenance Control System (AMCS)

has developed outsourcing solutions for Aircraft Maintenance Management.
The software is fully operational in international airlines companies and air force squadrons.

The software supports the following functions:

  • Network support- Support users simultaneously, work from any workstation on the same application.
  • Manage 7 different security levels per application/user.
  • Define 2 Levels of electronic signatures.
  • Pilot logbook and Flight time report.
  • Defined alarms, Including pop-up messages linked to maintenance events.
  • As build (ABAP) LRU component tree.
  • Flight hours for LRU and for A/C.
  • History files and logs for each event.
  • Inventory management and cost.
  • FRACAS (Failure Report and Corrective Action System) and MTBF calculation- The application uses advanced methods for inputting failure data according to ATA code.
    It also provides analysis and computations of MTBF, MMTBF, critical failures and reliability growth for various time spans.
  • Maintenance planning, including routine maintenance, planning and flight hours potential calculating for I-level maintenance load capability.
  • Forecast reports.
  • E-mail support- automatically or by event email sending for follow-ups.
  • User friendly query and report generator.
  • Automatic export/import data and reports to Ms-Word/Excel.
    Preparation of reports for management reviews, inclusive of cross-indexing, Paretto and Pie (Slices) charts.
  • Support maintenance according military STD (I-level and O-level).
  • ISO 9001 and AS-9100 requirements support.
  • ATA 1100 code support.
  • Communication- The AMCS is communicating bidirectional with other databases.
    Using a standard and direct SQL queries to External SQL databases such as Oracle or SQL server.
  • Application generator- Development tools for self adaptation.
  • Logistic management and storage.
  • Decision-making Follow-up- Tasks follow-up and progress & implement action reports.


  • Safety improvement.
  • Cost effective and Efficient maintenance.
  • Professional care and support. Team works closely with current and potential customers to find the best solution for your requirements.
  • Eliminating unnecessary maintenance activities.
  • Transactions and inventory optimization.
  • Supporting AS-9100 Standards.